Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Hi folks, sorry I haven't been around since March of last year -- for very good reasons. Those of you who do know me know that I've been very busy. I've been traveling a bit and there had been a lot of changes. I've been also exploring the blog world -- getting re-acquainted with Friendster, tried out MySpace, casted my soul, Voxed my opinions... the saga continues. Needless to say with so many pen names I've also been having an identity crisis. So I've decided to just stick to one. That's where I began -- Here on blogger.

However, the bad news is I'm consolidating this blog with my new blog -- Notes Above Ground -- in the hopes that I'd stop having identity crises and other mental ailments et cetera.

Wishing you a very Happy 2007...

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Fade out.
Fade away.
Into invisibility...
So you don't have to feel.
Like getting stabbed,
Your heart gasps,
And the pain spreads.
So you are alive after all...
Isn't it ironic?
You can only feel it when it hurts?

Numb out.
Numb away.
Into nothingness...
So you don't have to feel.
Like suffocating,
You gasp for air.
So you are alive after all...
Isn't it ironic?
You can only feel it when you can't breathe?

And you wish your nerves
                    didn't work so well.
So you wouldn't know...
Your veins cry out --
                "Please Stop! We can't take it anymore!"
Isn't it ironic?
You can only feel...
                    when you can't take it anymore?

Poetic Spam

This is quite unorthodox, me posting a non-poem poem to this particular blog. But someone (Jackqueline Shala of lefiie19xlr at netsol.net) sent me the following. It was, naturally, a spam. But very poetic... so I couldn't stop myself from posting it. Thank you Jackqueline, whoever you are...
-- Vav

supposed to different anything development,
raise not companion?
suddenly least wrong find arms.
whom light love side did.
beautiful arms off music respect wanted.
wanted happened speaking least respect bad?
few pride human again respect gym?
you wife speaking we gym fire.
hard reference he.

PS: The email subject line was entitled "XP PRO, OFFICE 2003 AND ALL AT ONLY $12-60 EACH, WE GIVE U LICENSE light". Strange thing, the internet is... Makes you think about AI and computers painting. What about poetry???

Sunday, December 04, 2005

For Jaan...

Too good to be true
Source of my imagination
Inspirations ever flowing

The point of origin
For all my creations
The wick for my burning flame.

Salt of the earth
You, who are the one and only.

I may have missed the past thirty years
But I will not miss the next thirty million eons

Encouragement ever withstanding
Ever so mystical... lyrical

Yet, ever so real
Stuff of my dreams
Embodiment in one being

You, too good to be true.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Longing to be within
Yearning for the sights, smells and sounds
Of a city –

Like a lover it waits
Half the world away

And it ever presents itself
So cruely
In movies
And songs
And conversations
Reminding you

Every turn you take
Accidental glimpses

It is a character
A force to be reckoned with

As deadly as a jealous lover
Ever so possessing
Taking hold of the heart

Injecting persuasion

The art of temptation.

Fallen ashes

All the ashes falling out of the tray
It’s like rewinding of the day
The stub of the cigarette still emits smoke
Though it has been crushed in a brutal way

The ashes fall out of the tray
While the sun still shines make hay

Lights are dying out
Dance to the music and let the body sway
They’re playing your song so shut your eyes
Hold me tight
And just stay

With Heineken in hand
A cigarette in the other
Let all imagination fly
The stuff that was imprisoned for so long
So many hours.

Music pours our like rain
Lets get wet
Forever and again

The crowd fades away
And you still remain

But I still look for you
The height of our days

The ash fell out of the tray
I remember the first time you went away
Even though you leave everyday
I searched for that love in your eyes

The drowsy drunkenness
The illusion of heaven
You next to me,
In front of me

Infatuation into reality

Finally I had found you
My oasis in the desert.
You quenched all my longing and thirst.

Epochs have passed in a second
Words have been spoken in silence

The pin drops
The music stops
A new moment
A new song

But we -- you and I
The same old refrain

A moment of the noise of the crowd
Yet you are there
And the silence of you is louder
Than anything else.

You, ruler of my world
You, conqueror of my heart
You, the light and the dark
You, the song of a lark
You, the key to my secrets
You the ash in an empty tray
And that is me

The ash will fall in the tray

Lighting the butt of the cigarette
Ordering another beer

Mistakes keep happening
Retake after retakes
Light, camera, action
You direct me
And surprise I don’t need to act

I’m real ’cause you are my truth.

Fallen ashes on the bar
Me thinking of you

Just wishing you were here.
Wishing you’d spend every moment with me

Jealous of the elements
How unfair the universe is.

You’re not there
And still you’re here.
Missing you like crazy

Wish you were near!

I love you.
You’re still my ash,
And I your burning tray.

(Written in Some Place Else – with Zyed)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Theory of Relativity

Old songs new faces
Reality of time
The changing climate
What is hidden,
Kept unanalyzed
Swallowed whole – the best method of mass media consumption –
Severed connections –
Dreams of unproportionate abstractions
Afflicting the afflicted –

When you’ve walked down the same road
over and over,
again and again,
you’d expect the same results

One twist,
One turn changes all –
A different singularity
Parallel universes.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Welcome to the cronicles of a nomad heart,
a weary traveller...

Walk into familiar places and uncharted territories...